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About Jester Radio

What is Jester Radio?

Jester Radio is an experimental, Internet-only broadcaster, operating out of reach of the FCC, corporate advertisers and the church. Our goal is to bring you - the listener - the very finest in music, talk & comedy anywhere, without the bullshit.

Your host, The Jester, was once like you, a running-dog lackey of the bourgeoisie. Unable to reconcile his contribution to entropy, he chose to abandon this realm and take up residence outside your universe.

From his oblique perspective, The Jester sees your world. Part scientist, artist, advocate, friend, his perspective will make you question your ideas and his voice will guide you safely back to sanity.

With him from the very beginning, Bob the Engineer is The Jester's right-hand man. Formerly a highly-paid computer geek for The Man, Bob chucked it all to join his lifelong friend in a quest for pure radio. Although frequently distracted, his good intentions and world-class expertise in electromagnetism and munitions helped Jester Radio develop the low-bandwidth, crystal-clear sound that gives it an unfair advantage over the competition.

Dolly the Receptionist is the newest member of the Jester Radio team and her arrival completes the triumvirate. Originally a devoted listener, Dolly became inspired by The Jester's rantings and gave up her middle-class existence for the cause. Her organizational skills, as well as her familiarity with cooking utensils, make Dolly an indispensable member of the JR team.

When to listen

Jester Radio is on the air 24/7, playing hand-picked selections from our exclusive library of over 25,000 high-quality MP3 files. Tune in daily from 03:00 - 05:00 GMT (10:00 PM - Midnight, ET) to catch The Jester live with your requests, celebrity guest interviews, news, free MP3z, warez and more. He'll make you think, feel, and maybe even laugh.

Contact us

We love to hear from you! You can email The Jester at TheJester@JesterRadio.com. You can also IM the Jester when he's in the studio at JesterRadio1, Skype him at JesterRadio or send a message via ICQ to 2137330.

Link to Jester Radio

Attention webmasters: Treat your visitors to the finest in Classic Rock, Folk & Comedy on the 'Net with a tasteful link. They'll thank you for it!

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